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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been asked a few questions, these tend to be the most popular...

Will I Be The Fattest There?

We welcome all fitness levels, and you don't need to be a certain level of fitness. We all started somewhere. Our coaches are here to help you and have done the journey themselves. 

It's a crude question but the answer is 99.9% of the time NO. This is for those who find the gym, scary, intimidating, boring and as if they're being stared at. We're for those who don’t want to feel out of place, and as if they’re being stared at.

Everyone here is in the exact same boat as you. Wanting to lose weight and frustrated with previous and current efforts. 

Everyone supports each other and plenty of new starters who haven’t trained in years begin their journey each week. You’ll be alongside them.

Do I Need To Starve Myself OR Drink Meal Replacements?

No way!

We’re fully committed to your fat loss results, and that means we bring a food-friendly approach to your nutrition.

We do NOT practice or endorse crash dieting, quick-fixes, or meal replacements that ruin your metabolism and harm your body. 

We have a super simple method we teach you, that means you know how to create balanced meals that help you drop weight.

To make life even easier you'll have access to a variety of different delicious recipes so you know what to eat and when.

How Long Are Your Workouts?

This will be the best 30 minutes of your day.

You DON’T need to be working out for an hour doing boring cardio at the gym or going on runs that depend on the weather to get fit.

You’ll be taken through our 30 minute Half The Time, Twice The Results Workouts.

By using active rest and afterburn techniques, alongside with you not knowing what the workout is which helps with surprising the body, you'll create a slimmer, tighter more toned physique in only 30 minutes.

Plus one of the main reasons people can't keep up or even start sustainable fitness regimes, is due to the fact they have little time.

What Do We Do At The Sessions?

We do fun things you likely have never done before.

Battle ropes, boxing bags, trx suspension trainers, step up boxes, kettlebells, skipping ropes, discs and some familiar dumbells. 

Alongside the best, varied and enjoyable workout formats that's keep you guessing and coming back for more.

Every single workout we do is different and never repeated.

That’s why our members LOVE it as they never know what to expect.

But don’t worry, you’ll go at YOUR pace and at your ability level. You may not have worked out in a while or even years, you take it easy and you'll settle in quickly.

What Do I Bring To My First Session?

Wear trainers, and some athletic clothing such as leggings or jogging bottoms with a t-shirt. 

You may also want to bring a hoodie or jacket for when you leave.

Plus a trusty water bottle with it already filled up.

The number one thing to bring though is a SMILE and positive attitude.

Can I Bring My Child?

You setting a healthy example in front of them?

Of course.

We have a little seating area where they can sit, play iPad, read, do homework, or even create friends with the other kids that are watching their mums work hard.

I Have A Injury, Can You Cater For That?

Before you attend we always arrange a call with you to see where you're at health wise, and for you to ask us questions, so let us know of any issues when you chat to us.

However 9/10 this isn't a problem. Our coaches our experienced and can easily modify the workout for you, to ensure you still train safe and get blast away fat. 

We have plenty of clients who join who have bad knees, troublesome backs and painful shoulders. There will be someone at most workouts who will have some sort of issue, so don't worry.

Can My Husband Come Or Men?

Men who want to lose weight can also join, we would never stop anyone from bettering themselves. However are target audience tend to be women. Plenty of whom, join with their husbands and take the journey together, after all, having a partner in crime to spur each other on works a treat.

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